My Resort Hua Hin 7 Ңͧͧ

My Resort Hua Hin 7 Ңͧͧ,Prachuap Khiri Khan / ШǺբѹ

 My Resort Hua Hin  7   Ңͧͧ  My Resort Hua Hin  7   Ңͧͧ  My Resort Hua Hin  7   Ңͧͧ  My Resort Hua Hin  7   Ңͧͧ  My Resort Hua Hin  7   Ңͧͧ  My Resort Hua Hin  7   Ңͧͧ
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My Resort Hua Hin 7

͹ My Resort Hua Hin ͹Թ ҵº-Թ ҧ§ҹʶһѵ¡ⷹҢ
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͡ẺѺء㹤ͺ 繾鹷觤آͺǨ觻ѹآѹ 㹡÷ҡԨҡѹѡ͹
Թ 鹷ǹҧҴ˭ ҷǹѺ ԡþ Clubhouse Ũҡ My Vimarn Hotel & Restaurant

ͧ A711 Ҥ A 7 Ǩҡ§ Garden View (ç )Ҵ 64.13
2ͧ͹ 2 ͧ ͧ § ͧѺҡ TV ẹ ͧ蹴մ ҵ ǿ ػó ͧ駢ѧ
شҹ ͹մ ͧٴѹ ͧٴ ͧӹ ͧ͹ §Ҵ 3.5ص , ͧ͹˭ §Ҵ 6 ص
شͧ͹ شСԹ ͼ

ǹ Water Playground к 8˭
Ѻ My Vimarn Hotel & Restaurant
ͧ ͧԵ ʹöԹ ͧǧûԴ кѡҤʹ 24 ҹдǡ

Թ仪Ҵ§ 2 ҷ
ҧ Blueport § 10 ҷ
Ҵ Cicada Թ§ 10 ҷ
ҹ çҴԤҴ
ҴԹ ҢѺö§ 15 ҷ
Ҵ ҢѺö 15 ҷ
ԹŨ ҢѺö 10 ҷ
Ѵҵº ҢѺö 5 ҷ

1/82 .ҵºԹ ˹ͧ ШǺբѹ 77110
ͧ A711 7 Ҥ A
͹,Թ,ҵº,,ºʧ,¹˭ 8 ,ǹ , ͧԵ , ͧ
ʶҹ͡ѧ,ͧǧûԴ,Ƿ,,Դ˭ , 2 ҷն֧Ҵ
2 ҷն֧Ҵºʧդǹ

2. س 081-8279088 س˹ 081-8701444

Hua Hin is a one of famous destrict in Prajuankirikhan located on the Gulf of Thailand side and adjacent to chaam, petchaburi. There are many of travel attractions and considered not far from Bangkok. Thus, it has been a decades ranked as the top tourist place in the country. The beach here is so fanfastic because it's clear and smooth over the horizon. Sand here is white and clean. That's why many tourist comes to have a nice sunbathing and sea sports. Food is also greatly fresh and clean. Not only beach you can enjoy, there are countless activities here such as night Market and lots more.

My Resort Hua hin A newly constructed premium Condominium locates on Kao Takiab road in central of Huahin, where is the most famous peacefully charm and pleasure destination in Thailand. This project is inspired from Santorini Island in couple with contemporary grand Thai luxury style. Construction and environment is then remarkable with Blue and white colour which truly reflects sand and sea relaxing emotions. Functions and features has well selected for everyone in your family to spend a quality time together with fun and happiness.

Large amount of facilities is provided in a common area for all guests. We have 8 large swimming pools connected each other by waterfall, a large exercise room, grand lobby and restaurant. For the kid zone, dedicated Kid playground area, children pool and water playground can guarantee that they will make your kids excited. My Vimarn luxury beach front club houses are also available for all guests to visit with complimentary drinks and lunch provided. All equipment, furniture and materials are premium grade selected for your comfort and safety. With our 24 hours securities, Key card access system and CCTV, they serve to secure you and your properties always during your staying with us.

room no. A7-11 With 64.13 square meter size, located on 7th floor is a Garden view room where is quiet and private suited for your quality time for resting with Elegant decoration. consists of 2 Bed rooms (1 King size, 1 Single), 2 Bathrooms, living room, Kitchen and Balcony. The facilities in the room are

- 3 Air conditioners,
- flat television with cable local and international programs
- Dvd player
- 2 nightstand
- Leather Sofa + Table
- Bedding
- Kitchen
- Kettle
- Fridge
- Microwave
- Toaster
- Plates cutlery cups
- Cooker hood
- Electric stove
- Water heater
- Vacuum Cleaner
- Wardrobe
- Dining table +4 chairs
- Chandelier
- 3 carpets

In the common area, facilities are
- 8 of large swimming pool
- Water Playground
- Beachfront clubhouse
- Golf cart service
- Kids Club
- Fitness Room
- Lobby
- Basement Parking
- Manned guard and CCTV security system 24 hours.
- My resort restuarant

Nearby attractions
- The beach (2 mins walking)
- Family mart convenient store (just opposite the condo)
- Cicada market (10 mins walking)
- Wilawan cake cafe and restaurant (3 mins walking)
- Blueport departmentstore (10 mins driving)
- Huahin floating market (15 mins driving)
- Huahin night marhet (15 mins driving)
- Huahin Market village Supermaket and shopping mall (10 mins driving)
- Kao Takiab temple, Famous view point to see huahin city from the top of mountain (5 mins driving)
- Many beach front famous restaurant (on Kao takiab road)
- Bangkok hospital (10 mins driving)

Our facility is only 2.5 km away from the city center can be easily accessed from the huahin airport in about 40 minutes. Because we are in central location, you can travel to a location to visit the city and places in Huahin with ease.

1. By e-mail,
2. By telephone: 081-8279088 , 081-8701444

: 5,500,000 ҷ

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